Cabling Your Premises:

Cables are the new nerves to any business establishment or to any smart home. Effective cable network will certainly increase the efficiency levels of transmission at all workplaces. Be it copper, telephone, fibre OR optic, our team has experience in laying the cables. We not only install right cables to your offices, establishments and homes but also help by attending to your maintenance and service calls too

Unified Communication

Modern homes OR Businesses are hubs of communication networks. Instant Messaging, Email, Voice over IP, Smart Phones, Texting, High-Definition Video Conferencing etc. all these need to be connected in an effective way to make any Business OR Home to be an effective hub of communication. Team Afreen is ready to install and to connect all these networks according to your choices.

CCTV Security Surveillance & IP Network

CCTV Cameras have become an integral part of present-day Security Solutions. Be it an Office, Business Establishment OR a Sweet Home, Installation of these innovative gadgets offers a real peace of mind; and makes your worthy environments safe and secure. Team Afreen is ready to visit your premises to design, offer and install customised CC Cameras and IP Networks in accordance to the prevailing UAE Standards.

Wireless, LAN, and WAN:

When it comes to the office automation, wireless is the hassle-free solution. Team Afreen has expertise in providing Design, Installation, and maintenance of Wireless, LAN and WAN Technologies to keep your homes, offices, and business establishments, ever connected to one another with the optimum levels of bandwidth, coverage, and security.

Biometric and Access Control:

We understand the security concerns and entry restrictions to any of the business, office OR private area. Our team is ready to install all these devices from Biometric Scanners, CCTVs to Coded Locks and can connect these devices to central monitoring system, from where, the access can be monitored / controlled.

Internet of Things (IOT):

Now a days the world has become INTERNET based. Take any activity from business to fine arts OR jobs to investments everything is net based OR device based. Connecting these devices and operating them with a remote is the order of the day. Be it the lighting in your house, ac in your car OR to save a programme from TV; everything can be connected and controlled as per your wish. And our team is ready to work for you on all these Internet of Things.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services provide the necessary tools and resources to help protect your business from cyberattacks.Our Cyber Security Professionals can help identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations on how to mitigate them. They can also help maintain a secure network and protect data from being accessed or stolen.

Cloud Services

Cloud services provide an on-demand, scalable, and secure platform for hosting and managing applications and data. Cloud services make it easy to get started with a new application or data project, and they make it easy to switch between projects. Cloud services also make it easy to share data between different applications and systems.

Business and Home Wi-Fi Solutions

In today’s workplace, a solid Wireless Infrastructure is A MUST for any business. With increasingly more mobile devices, applications, and employees, having a good wireless network to deliver services is extremely important to maintain functionality, minimize frustration, and provide your company with full range of connectivity. Business Wi-Fi Solutions can provide your company with the required access necessary to business operations and make you competent.

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

You can keep track of all the movements of your Vehicles and Assets from the comfort of your home or office. You can monitor them 24/7, alert your team, share timely advice, protect them from damage, theft etc. With all these, not only you save money but ensure peace of mind too; Thus your investment on Assets

ELV Soltions

ATS is a leading ADMCC certified business and a leading system integrator of electronic security and building automation systems. We specialize in offering a one-stop shop for clients' needs in the areas of door interlock systems, fire alarm and smoke detection, gate barriers, CCTV monitoring, and access control. Our primary focus is on offering cutting-edge, specially designed security systems, such as Analog and IP CCTV camera systems, Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance Systems, Gate Barrier Systems, Security Alarm Systems, etc.

Optical Fiber Solutions

In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, ATS is a top supplier of optical fiber solutions. Internet access is today considered to be one of humanity's basic needs, and individuals must use the internet as a tool for their daily lives. Novanod is always working to construct a strong network infrastructure for building a digital world in order to enable ubiquitous internet connectivity. We provide splicing, OTDR, and various interior and outdoor fiber optic cable solutions.

Afreen Tech Solutions Afreen Tech Solutions
Afreen Tech Solutions

We are the

Best Managed IT Services Provider in Abu Dhabi.

Having a decade full of experience in providing Soft Tech Solutions in and around Abu Dhabi, ATS stands as the best Tech Support Provider in Abu Dhabi. We are working on the entire range of TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS that convert your homes and offices as Smart Homes and Soft Offices. This will help to connect you and your business with rest of the world, keep you safe and makes you more productive. We are flexible to accommodate your Tech Needs and can match it to any business scales but well within your budgets without compromising on the quality front. This Quality Conscious Flexible Approach has made us the Best Tech Support Provider in Abu Dhabi, we believe.

Afreen Tech Solutions


Clear answers to common questions

Basically, we are from Abu Dhabi and our Team of Technicians are attending to the needs of People from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We do not hesitate to attend to IT Services anywhere in UAE, provided considerable amount of business is offered to us.

Our Office is in Abu Dhabi, but we are ready to offer our IT Services to anywhere in UAE, if the volume of business is on the higher side and remunerative to us. You can find our Office Address in the home page of this website.

Yes. We have a Team of Experienced Engineers, to support the business of any size.

We have a wide range of Cyber Security Services starting from Installation of Anti-Virus Software to Undertaking IT Security Audits; 15 Point Cyber Security Checks, Guidance on Cyber Essentials Certification etc. These are all required to protect your Homes / Offices and Devices from Cyber Attacks and to extend safety.

We have the best Team of Engineers in Abu Dhabi to offer you the latest Cloud Solutions ala Office 365, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure etc. We also undertake Soft Skills Trainings to train your employees and to improve their technical skills.